06 December 2016

Exam and Test Preparation Material

Everything you need to know about tests and exams (click here to open in new page).

Most exams consists of at least two parts:

Part 1. Reading

Two reading texts with a range of question types. 

Part 2. Writing

You will have to write an essay on an academic topic. You will be required to write 250 - 300 words. 

While reading the topic (before you start writing), try to understand what type of essay you are requested to write: 

• Advantages /Disadvantages
• Agree /Disagree
• Problem /Solution
• Compare /Contrast
• Cause /Effect
• Effects / Solutions

To learn about parts of an essay, click here.

To learn how to write a good introduction, click here.

To learn how to write a good conclusion, click here.

Essays (Examples)

Click here to get useful essay writing ideas and nice examples.

Essays on Various Topics (essay writing ideas and examples).


• Read and analyze the full question, not just the first few words
• Plan and organize your ideas
• Write your essay in at least four sections 

• Introduction - describe the topic briefly, with the focus on the central question. 
• Write two or three body paragraphs; write a clear topic sentence and support your ideas with good clear reasons. Give examples. Describe results and link them with a good range of linking words.
• The conclusion should be logical, clear and short; summarize the main points and give your opinion.

When you finish writing, read your essay five times:

• Check grammar and vocabulary use, spelling, and punctuation
• Make sure you used a range of linking phrases.

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