06 September 2016

Essay Format

Learn how to write an excellent essay 

Follow these four simple steps and you will succeed:

1. Write the introduction.
Explain your topic clearly and briefly.
Introduce the main idea and the basic questions you are going to describe.
Explain briefly and clearly how you are going to answer the questions.
Make it interesting to read.

2. Write the main body of the essay.
Make sure that a new topic starts a paragraph. 
Use words or phrases that show how it relates to the previous paragraph, e.g., 'however,' ‘also', ‘moreover.'
Begin each paragraph with an important sentence that links the paragraph to the rest of the essay.
Give supporting evidence for each point that you make. 
You can use citations or interpretation but avoid plagiarism.

3. Write the conclusion.
Describe briefly the main ideas.
Demonstrate how you proved your attitude.
Later you can write, e.g., “The following conclusions were made: …” and then mention them, like “First, Second, Third, Finally…”
Finish your essay with an interesting or surprising idea, suggestion, recommendation or comment.

4. Edit your essay.
Read thoughtfully what you wrote. Check spelling, punctuation, and tenses. Make sure you use present simple or simple past tense. Consistency is very important. Delete anything that is not relevant to your topic. Change vocabulary to improve expression; use synonyms as much as possible. Do not repeat the same word many times.
Read again and again. Edit, delete, correct, rewrite. 

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