06 September 2016

Amazon Kindle

What Does Amazon Kindle Do?

Kindle is an e-reader released by Amazon. The Kindle wireless Internet connections enable customers to buy, choose and download books, journals, magazines and newspapers in digital format. This device is portable, hand-held and comes with a full keyboard. 

The Kindle Name

The Kindle name refers to many models. They are e-readers that display books, magazines, journals, brochures, and other written material. Although they share the name,  however, Kindle Fires are tablet computers, but they perform the functions of e-readers. There are also Kindle applications for reading via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Kindle Functions

Kindle's principal function is displaying e-books. It uses a unique screen technology called e-ink; therefore, the screen is better suited for reading than the bright computer, phone or tablet screens. Apart from e-books, you can also buy and read newspapers, journals, magazines and other content on your Kindle. Those who read on Kindles can download books from the comfort of their homes. The ability to stock thousands of texts in a device that weighs less than half a kilo is extraordinary.

Readers can highlight text and attach notes or share passages with friends on Twitter or Facebook. Also, a Web browser and built-in PDF reader are installed. Although there are many different Kindle e-reader models, and they have slightly different features, they all perform the same essential functions.

There is one standard feature in every Kindle, the Kindle Store. Readers can get books for their Kindle in the Kindle Store. Kindle Store has millions of free books, including many public domain masterpieces. The Kindle Store also features sections for games and applications.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a tablet computer capable of watching a video, listening to music, playing games and using applications. Using your Fire, you can also purchase over 120,000 movies or TV shows and more than twenty million songs. It also offers over a hundred thousand Kindle Fire-compatible audio books. While you can also access Kindle e-books, magazines, and newspapers, the high-resolution color screen shows much more detail, with some Fire models displaying in high definition.

When a reader turns off a Kindle, the device remembers where the reader left off; when the user turns the Kindle back on, the book is restored to the last page the reader visited.

Kindle Apps

Amazon also freely distributes many Kindle reading applications for different platforms. There are Kindle apps for the Mac, iOS, PC, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Android operating systems so that you can take your reading to your phone, computer or non-Fire tablet. The Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read your Kindle content from within your computer's Web browser. While you can access the Kindle store using the apps, they are only compatible with Kindle e-books; for videos, music, games or applications you'll need a Kindle or Kindle Fire.

Kindle’s Web browser enables you to read Webmail and to visit online sites to help you read other books. The browser requires a Wi-Fi connection, but the Kindle is preloaded with all the software that you need to detect connections to access the Web.

Kindle comes preloaded with a quick start guide that teaches all its functions: how to download e-books, how to bookmark, how to search, how to make notes, how to adjust the size of your font, etc.  The quick start guide is the essential instruction to get you up and running with Kindle.

Main Features of Kindle
  1. Stores thousands of books.
  2. Special high-contrast screen allows you to read even in bright sunshine with no glare.
  3. Clear text and fonts, and a sharp display – what you see resembles a book page.
  4. Adjustable text size.
  5. Built-in wifi or 3G connection.
  6. Battery life of at least a month if wifi is turned off.
  7. Page-turning function so you feel as if you’re reading a real book.
  8. Integrates with Facebook and Twitter and allows searching on Wikipedia.
  9. Never heats up like a laptop.
  10. Books can be categorized or stored as collections.
  11. Automatic archive function: you can delete books and download them next time.
  12. The screen can be rotated for better viewing of pictures, diagrams, maps, etc.
  13. Also able to read newspapers, magazines and web pages.
  14. In-built keyboard enables searching within a book, a library or online.
  15. You can add your annotations to the text.
  16. Automatic bookmark.
  17. Built-in Oxford English Dictionary.
  18. Password protection.

With a Kindle, you can build your library without having to rent storage space. The Kindle e-book reader holds thousands of e-books, periodicals, and audiobooks. Also, Kindle comes preloaded with The New Oxford American Dictionary of English. If you want dictionaries in other languages, you can download and acquire from the Kindle store.

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