18 August 2016

Topic: About Myself


I.    Hometown, family, and lifestyle.
II.  What does your name mean in English?
III. My primary and secondary school experience:
      1. Positive experience. Give a brief example.
      2. Negative experience. Give a brief example.
IV.  Hobbies and interests.


I. My English language learning experience:

1. My best English class experience:
a) explain and be specific; 
b) explain why it was the best.

2. My worst English class experience:
a) be specific; 
b) explain why it was the worst.

3. My English language needs:
a) my strengths and weaknesses;
b) what I need to learn and why;
c) my expectations from this course.

II. My college, my classmates, and my teachers:

1. Why I decided to choose this college:
a) what I like about this college; 
b) what I do not like about this college;
c) why I like it; 
d) why I do not like it.

2. Communication and studies:
a) communication problems between my classmates, my teachers and myself;
b) what I like about the courses that I study;
c) what I do not like (and why).

III. My life goals:
1. Short-term goals (1 year).
2. Long-term goals (5 years).


I.   Tell a joke from your life experience.
II.  Explain why it is important to study all life.
III. What makes you special and unique?
IV.  What is your motto? Why?

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