18 August 2016


Course Description

This course focuses on developing the skills needed for understanding academic texts and for writing in standard and logical academic English. 

Learning Outcomes

1. Use different reading strategies and competencies to build interactive reading, including identifying different kinds of text structure, identifying principal versus supporting detail, and opinion versus fact, using context to guess unknown words, drawing conclusions and evaluating information. 

2. Understand and make use of the words from Academic Word List

3. Generate ideas and narrow down a topic before completing a plan for a piece of writing, and be able to locate sources for the information needed. 

4. Use material from relevant, reliable sources to develop coherent text, acknowledging materials used by citing sources in APA format and using direct quotations correctly so that detailed information is communicated reliably and with appropriate acknowledgment. 

5. Draft, revise, edit, paraphrase, and proofread written work using appropriate reference materials such as dictionaries where necessary. 


Assessment Components

1. Coursework (score: 100).
Research skills: essay format, APA referencing style, citations, plagiarism and paraphrasing.
Total weight: 20%.

Simple essay format (writing a short essay): 5%
Paraphrasing: 10%
APA referencing style: 5%

2. Coursework (score: 100).
Reading skills: reading portfolio; accumulation of vocabulary related to readings; reading: 10%, vocabulary: 15%.
Total weight: 25%

Reading (10 texts):10%
Vocabulary (academic vocabulary list): 15% 

3. Coursework (score: 100). 
Writing skills: writing an academic essay.
Total weight: 25%

Academic essay (essay format, referencing, in-text citations, paraphrasing): 25%

4. Final Assessment (score: 100). 
Total weight: 30%

Reading comprehension: 15%. 
Writing: 15%.

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