07 November 2016


Research Essay Assessment

                                        Assessment Criteria                                                                           
Introduction (10 points): Focuses the reader’s attention on the subject of the research essay; clear formulation of research objectives, research questions and thesis statement.

Summary or Abstract (5 points): Brief, logical, and reflects the content of the research essay.

Conclusion (10 points): Logically complete the development of the thesis, research question and research objectives.

References page (10 points): Follow the APA guidelines.

Format (10 points): Follow the guidelines for the format of the paper: Times New Roman 12, spaces between lines 1.5, and margins 1” to 1.25”.

Sentence structure, syntax and punctuation (15 points): Avoid sentence fragments, comma splices, and fused, incomplete, or awkward sentences. Avoid misuse or omission of the apostrophe, brackets, colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen, period, question mark, quotation marks, semi-colon, slash, underlining, or italics.

In-text citations and paraphrase (10 points): Effectively quote and paraphrase from sources.

Organization and coherence (10 points): Arrange ideas in a logical order; use transitions and other cohesive devices to link ideas effectively within and between paragraphs.

Spelling and capitalization (10 points): Avoid spelling and capitalization errors.

Grammar and usage (10 points): Avoid inappropriate verb or pronoun use, unclear pronoun reference, inappropriate shift in person or tense, redundancy, imprecise language, or incorrect usage.

                                                                                                             Total (100):    _________

Any of the following may result in failure or a lowered grade: 

1. Topic not approved in advance 
2. Outline, notes, and draft not approved
3. Research question lacking or unsupported
4. An essay that consists of direct quotations
5. Cheating, plagiarism, or falsification
6.  A carelessly written or typed paper
8. A late paper
9. Failure to use APA referencing style
10. A lack of correlation between works that are cited in the body of the paper and sources that are listed on the works cited page.

Useful Tips

USEFUL TIPS for Windows Users
How NOT to put a page number on the first page of a Word document:

Go through the following step-by-step process (keep on clicking):
Open Word document
Page Layout
Page Setup
Page Setup Dialog Box (it is a hardly visible "arrow" near/just below Hyphenation)
Headers and Footers: Different first page

Having gone through the above process successfully, go on clicking:
Page Number
Bottom of Page Plain Number 2
Double-click on a page (any page) of your Word document
Congratulations! Now you have NO NUMBER on the front page. 

You must understand: this is Microsoft Word Document secret J

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