04 October 2016

To Paraphrase

When you are writing an essay on a topic, you need to use books or websites.  

Be careful not to copy what you read – do not cut and paste text from the Internet to your essay.

Instead, you need to PARAPHRASE.

For example: imagine you are writing an essay on Dubai and you read in a book: 

 “There are over 2 million people living in Dubai today and employed in various industries.”

You want to include this information in your essay, but you need to change the wording so it is not the same as the book or website where you found the information.

You should write:

“Dubai now has more than 2 million people working in different businesses.”

Paraphrase the following sentences:

“Doctors treat patients for a variety of illnesses.”

“Dubai has over 1000 doctors working in many different hospitals around the city.”

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