07 October 2016

How to start writing an academic essay?

First, think of a topic. For example, you decided that your topic is Smoking. This topic is good, but it is too general. You need to make it more specific. 

So, the title of your topic can be, for example,

Problems of Smoking among Teenagers in the UAE

The above is your essay title. Now you need to formulate research questions. Your research questions should be closely related to the title. So, your research questions can be:

Research questions

Why do teenagers start smoking in the UAE?
What problems does smoking cause?

When you have formulated your research questions, you can write you research objectives. Objectives are the steps you are going to take to answer your research questions. For example, 

Objective 1:
Find out recent data and statistics about smoking among teenagers worldwide and in the UAE.

Objective 2:
Find out reasons of smoking among teenagers in the UAE and other countries.

Objective 3
Discover the ways of solving the problem of smoking among teenagers in the UAE.

You should include / mention your research questions and the objectives in the introduction of your essay. Also, you should write your research question in the introduction. You may formulate one, two or three research questions (but not too many). 

Chapter 1 should address Objective 1, Chapter 2 - Objective 2, and Chapter 3 - Objective 3. 

Conclusion should clearly and logically explain the results or findings of your research.


References (3-8) must be written in APA Style

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