20 August 2016

How to Register for this Website

Dear Student, 

Welcome to Academic Reading and Writing 1 course. This course is about how to read and write effectively.

I have designed this website for you to make your learning easy, enjoyable and useful. All the topics in this blog will be covered in class, and I strongly recommend you to visit this blog every day. You will have to study and prepare for your classes regularly if you wish to succeed.

First, register for this blog. You will need to go through the following steps.

Step 1: Type in your e-mail address to register in the box on the left side of this blog.

Step 2: Click Submit button. 

Step 3: A new page will open.To help prevent spam, please type the text in the box (you see the text above the box).

Step 4: Click on Complete Subscription Request button.

Step 5: Check your e-mail. You will receive an email from FeedBurner Email Subscriptions: Activate your Email Subscription to Academic Reading and Writing 1.

Step 6: Click the blue link in your e-mail to activate your subscription. 

Step 7: A new page will open. On the new page, you will see the following message: E-mail Subscription Confirmed! 

Your registration has been completed. New messages will be delivered to you in the future. 

You can also register with another e-mail address (repeat the above 7 steps).

Please note that this blog will be updated, from time to time: new valuable information will be added. You can start learning now. First, study the course syllabus - the necessary information about this course. When you finish reading, please ask questions (if you have any). To start reading course syllabus, click here.


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